Sump Pump Installation | PH Group Waterproofing Specialists | Barrie Ontario

The sump pump is the most crucial part of the system. We only fit industrial standard sump pumps and come standard with a high water alarm system to alert you of pump failure.

Our sump basins are injection-moulded, smooth-sided basins, that are pre drilled to deal with hydro static pressure. Water enters the basin and avoids building pressure outside the basin, so the sump pump can deal with the water faster and make sure your basement stays dry. They have bolt down lids and can be fitted airtight so there are no issues with rayon gases entering the property.

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Q. Will the pump be able to handle the amount of water coming in?

A. We can decide on how big a pump you need when installing the system, but for residential cases, a 1/3 HP is normally enough. (Below is a guide of gallons per minute)

Based on a five-foot discharge:
• 1/3 HP – approximately 45 gallons per minute
– max. head 26 feet
• 1/2 HP – approximately 65 gallons per minute
– max. head 29 feet
• 3/4 HP – approximately 77 gallons per minute
– max. head 37 feet

Q. Does the pump come with a warranty?

A. There is a standard 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Q. what should I do if the basin gets debris in it?

A. Give us a call we will come out and service the pump and basin.