Excess humidity, floods, fire, stagnant water or damp surroundings support the growth of mould spores. Black mould, which is highly toxic, can be found in water-soaked wood, ceiling tiles, wall paneling, cardboard and items made of cotton (upholstery). It also grows on drywall and insulation, and can infest floors, walls and ceilings.

Mould is a huge health hazard which aggravates allergies and asthma, as well as causes respiratory dysfunction and flu-like symptoms in healthy people.

Odour, discoloration and staining indicate the presence of mould and mildew in your office, factory, warehouse, residential buildings or hospice. Here’s what it looks like to the left.

The PH Group offers expert black mould remediation or black mould removal services. Detailed testing, proper sealing of contaminated areas to prevent spreading and efficient removal methods ensure that you are able to deal with this problem permanently and in a cost-effective manner.

Call PH Group or fill out our online form to schedule mould removal for your premises in Central Ontario. We have solved recurring mould problems for our customers in all major cities including Barrie, Toronto, Kitchener, Windsor, St. Catherine, Midland and Parry Sound.

Hospitals and long-term care facilities count on us for successful containment and removal of mould.


mould remediation

The first step in solving an indoor mould problem is stopping the source of moisture. Next is to remove the mould growth. Common remedies for small occurrences of mould include:

  • Sunlight
  •  Ventilation
  • Wall Insulation/Dry Wall
  •  Non-porous building materials
  • Household cleansers
  •  Dehumidifiers

What do our mould remediation services include?

Black Mould inspection and lab testing: Expert visual inspection, superior laboratory testing methods, accurate analysis and prompt results ensure quicker and thorough black mould remediation. Black mould removal, for example, requires more aggressive treatments than other strains. We use culture and total spore count analysis, bulk samples (from carpet, drywall, and wallpaper), surface swabs (from carpet and upholstery), samples of soils and other sediments, sewage and sludge analysis to help us get it done right the first time.

Sealing or containment: Sealing off small areas or containing large ones is crucial to black mould abatement. This is especially important in hospitals and long-term care facilities where occupants’ health is already affected. Medical institutions and hospices in Southern Ontario look to Clear Air Solutions to prevent the mould outbreak from assuming catastrophic proportions and to eliminate the possibilities of future infestations.

Black Mould removal: Black Mould remediation goes beyond washing walls and contaminated furniture with soap or bleach, and should be left to experienced professionals like Clear Air Solutions. Lack of knowledge of mildew black mould removal and failure to take proper precautions could intensify rather than solve the problem. Not only do we use the latest equipment, but our highly-trained personnel follow industry-approved processes that guarantee the safety of your occupants as well as our employees.

PH Group will put an end to your mould problems in Central Ontario, including Barrie, Toronto, Kitchener, Windsor, St. Catherines, Midland and Parry Sound. Inferior treatments are a waste of time, effort and money. Not to mention an increased health risk.

Our timely and extremely effective mildew mould removal service will prevent serious health issues from affecting your employees, tenants, patients or family.