Maintenance Program | | PH Group Waterproofing Specialists | Barrie Ontario

At the PH Group, we are not just about coming into your home and fixing a waterproofing problem; we are also about maintenance and after-care.

All our weeping tile systems can be cleaned and serviced so you never have to worry about water in your basement again. As we all know, there can be a lot of iron in the water which can build up in your weepers and cause blockage or early pump failure. We offer a service where we come in and clean out the system so you have peace of mind that your basement will remain dry and mould-free.

Did you know that insurance companies will not cover foundation leakages? They see this as wear and tear over time, and say it should be maintained.

All of our systems can be maintained and should be inspected yearly, although they may not necessarily need to be cleaned.



Q. How long should I leave it in between having my system cleaned?

A. Your system has inspection ports installed, which make it very easy to access. So, check at least once a year and if it looks to have build-up in there, give us a call and we will send a technician out to inspect and service the system.

Q. Can I clean the system myself?

A. Sure you can, but in many cases your hose pipe will not have sufficient power to force any built up material along the system and out to the sump pump. We use high powered jetter systems which deal with build-up no problem.

Q. What about the sump pump and basin?

A. After the system is flushed, we remove the sump pump and clean any dirt from the filter at the base of the pump. We also clean out the basin of all foreign material, and if a new check valve is needed we can fit one at the same time.