The PH Group can help make that wet, leaky basement a thing of the past. Years ago the basement was just a storage space, but nowadays it’s valuable living space.

The old weeping tile system was not a big deal– who cared if it leaked a little in the basement coming up through a crack in the floor or in the wall?


Our interior system eliminates hydrostatic pressure from under the floor. It deals with water coming through the foundation. No more trouble from leaking windows or cracks in the walls; we encapsulate the basement and make it dry forever.

Our system is fully serviceable and runs to a heavy duty industrial sump pump and high water alarm system. A battery backup can be installed at any point in time, however, we advise that one should be fitted when the system is installed.

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Q. It sounds expensive, how much does a system cost?

A. The system is very cost effective, normally 1/3 of the price of an exterior system.

Q. Is it going to make a mess of my house?

A. Our technicians will seal vents, cover the floors, and machines are placed downstairs to remove as much concrete dust as possible. We try to make it as little intrusive as possible.

Q. Is the sump pump noisy?

A. No it is a submersible pump, and the sump basin comes with a bolt down lid, which makes it even quieter.

Q. What about the debris you remove from the basement?

A. It all gets taken away. We leave you with a clean basement, ready to renovate. We also renovate basements. We can handle your basement project from start to finish.


To simplify:

Water enters the home via the basement wall/floor joint, through cracks in the foundation walls and/or holes created by faulty or decaying masonry/brick.

A perimeter trench drain such as a French drain collects the water before it enters into the basement.

Wall vapor barriers/retarders and drip moldings are used and incorporated into the sub-slab perimeter drain to collect water coming

The drain directs the water to a sump pump.

The sump pump directs the water out of the house.

Interior basement waterproofing systems should be prepared to work in the case of a power outage, failure of a sump pump, or in the face of overwhelming torrential rain. A proper sump pump, backup sump and/or battery backup sump pump should be installed in a large sump pit with an airtight lid. This airtight lid aids in safety and to keep humidity from seeping through to the basement environment, where it can promote mould growth. This airtight practice will also reduce the possibility of dangerous radon gases from entering the living space.