Cracks and deterioration in your foundation are likely to happen to any home.  The usual cause is foundation settlement and movement which can be attributed the type of soil the home was built on, the soil not being compacted enough prior to building, improper maintenance around the foundation or the biggest culprit…Water.

Know the warning signs! Here are some things to look out for and could be indicative of a distressed foundation:

• Bulging / Cracked Floors
• Cracked Walls
• Separation around windows/garage door
• Displaced Moldings
• Cracked Bricks
• Wall Rotation

Water Proofing your home or building’s exterior will not only fix the issue at hand but prolong the life of the structure. Methods of exterior water proofing are installing exterior weeping tile, window wells, foundation coating and drainage systems. The method that is right for your home will be determined based on the current issues you’re experiencing and the level of precautions you’d like to take to prevent future problems.