basement crack repairs | PH Group Waterproofing Specialists | Barrie Ontario

In poured concrete foundations, cracks and pipe penetrations are the most common entry points for seepage. These openings can be readily sealed from the interior. Our resins are pressure injected into the openings, penetrating the foundation wall through to the exterior, thereby cutting off the path of the seepage.

Digging up your property to repair a poured concrete foundation crack is a thing of the past – it’s messy, time consuming and costly. At the PH Group we prefer to repair the crack from the inside.

Our technicians can be in and out of your home within 2 hours. With our industrial strength resins, you are guaranteed a repair that will stand the test of time.
Your crack will be fixed permanently and have a transferable warranty from home owner to home owner.

Do the job once, do it right, and never have to worry about water coming through the cracks again.


Q. What are you doing different from other companies?

A. Nothing!! It all comes down to our resins. Most companies use epoxy, or urethanes. Our resins are
far superior, which is why we give a transferable warranty. We are that confident in our product.

Q. How do you know the resin is penetrating through the crack and all the way through the foundation wall?

A. Our resins are thinner than water, so if water is coming in through the crack, our resins will too no problem.

Q. I have a finished basement can I still do an internal repair?

A. Yes of course. An area of the drywall will have to be cut, and simply needs replacing afterward.

If you have any questions at all, call or e-mail and we will be glad to answer any queries and put your mind at rest.